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Listening To God



My name is Liz Harlan and I am originally from Chicago, but I have been living in Cincinnati for over 20 years. Once from Chicago, always from Chicago.

I am happily married to my husband, Rick, for 27 years. We have two daughters. We have one dog, named Lucy.

I enjoy writing. I more than enjoy writing. It is something I must do - I cannot help but write. Currently it is this blog, but I have every intention of expanding over time.

I am currently in transition from stay-at-home mom to mother of adult children living at home. My older daughter is 20 and my younger daughter is 19 and has autism.

I am also transitioning from being mom to being mom and legal guardian for my younger daughter who has significant autism.

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And receive a printable set of prayer cards to help organize your prayer life.

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Do you have a long prayer list that you are having trouble keeping track of? Do you wish you could be more intentional with your prayer life? ​Do you want to start a regular prayer routine, but aren't sure how to? ​Well, I struggled with these issues at one time or another in my prayer life. I finally got organized into a notebook, but then I found it unwieldy as I had to flip through it to keep track of old prayers while adding new ones. ​Then, I had an idea. I got a pack of index cards and a box to hold them in. Then I wrote individual prayers on each one. Most of my cards contain names of people and prayers I have written for them. Other cards have Bible passages on them. ​One great advantage to this is that as prayers need to be adjusted, I can write out a new card and replace the old one. And I can always add new cards! ​Now, each day, I pull out my stack of cards and there are my prayers. ​ Would you like to try this method? I have designed some printable prayer cards - some to write on and some with prayers from the Psalms on them. When you subscribe to my website I will send these printable prayer cards to you as a thank you. ​

If you just want to leave me a message or note, please email me at

I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

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