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Listening to God

One of my greatest challenges, as I am sure it is for many of you, is stopping and truly listening to what God says in His Word.

I have no claim to be a great Biblical scholar or teacher. I only plan to share my thoughts and observations on what I discover as I take a closer look at what God's Word has to say on certain topics.

I will be starting with two words: Trust and Perseverance

Trust is a difficult issue for me due to a traumatic childhood and many challenges in adulthood. I believe God is trustworthy and I want to look at what He says in His Word about trust so that we all can learn and grow. To begin with, starting many years ago, I have been writing down verses in the Bible that contained the word "trust". I have decided to go through these passages using the TEND method by Mariel Davenport (

Perseverance is my word for 2022 and also a theme for my life, so it seems. I have been living this word for a long time and as I begin to take a deeper dive into it as my "word of the year," I thought the best place to start would be God's Word. I plan to go through these verses with two questions - 1) What is the context of the passage? 2) What does this passage mean to me?

Please feel free to comment - positively!


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