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View (Five Minute Fridays)

Over the years I have discovered that I have a very different view of the world sometimes than other people do. I will say something and people will either comment that they never thought of it that way, or they will just give me a strange look.

Recently, I discovered why my view is different. I have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. My view of the world and myself looks very different now and now I understand why my view of the world has been different. I am wired differently.

My view of myself has changed in a positive way. I now make sense. I can stop trying to be something I am not. God did not design me to behave the way the mainstream might have me behave. I was born to give the world a different view by having a different view. I am meant to be different. I love it. I have a freedom that I did not have before. No more masking who I am.

My view of things includes seeing details no one else does, smells no one else smells, and sounds that no one else hears.


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